Tumi Koto Je Dure

Continuing on the topic of one song providing the inspiration for many others - The next song in this series is RD’s take on his own song. The original was Tumi Kote Jo Dure sung by RD and Asha from the album Phire Elam. Lyrics were by Swapan Chakraborty. The album was released around Pooja time.
The song opens with keyboards folllowed by trumpets (or is it the Flugel Horn?) played softly by Kishor Sodha. Bass guitar plays in the background throughout the song complemented by synth’s. Just we are enjoying the soft melodies RD enters the scene on a high pitch with Tumi Koto Je... bringing out the angst of a heart broken soul searching his beloved. Listen to the M1 music where the bass guitar fills in the sound with trumpets. You can feel RD enjoying his singing. Put on your headphones and listen as you read this.

This Bengali song is similar in flow as the opening bars of  the 1975 hit “Shine You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd. The tune however is completely different. Checkout here-

The opening music of Tumi Koto... was used as the opening bars for Aye Sagar Ki Lahron from Samundar. This was the time (1980’s) when RD used lots of electronic sounds in his music.
 The song was used by RD as the amazing “Jalpari” theme in Sagar. This theme is outstanding in all respects. The photography is top class, the beauty of the leading lady equally alluring, but what takes the cake is the outstanding music. Here the song starts with vibraphone by Buji Lord followed by a controlled piece on the Flugel Horn played by Joseph Monsorate. This is again followed by the now familiar starting starins of Aye sagar Ki Lehron. Sunil Kaushik’s classy electric guitar plays softly before RD goes full throated  in his own voice Ta Ra Ta Ra Ra.

Asha’s melody in Tumi Koto ... becomes Harmony in the Jalpari theme with the chorus going “La La La ... La La ...” . The transformation is total bliss to experience.

This song was remade as “Aaja Meri Jaan” sung by SP Balasubramaniam and Anuradha Poudwal for a movie of the same name. This was the in in the decade of 80’s when RD’s films flopped and he was termed as unlucky and shunned by most of the producers. That time Gulshan Kumar had planned to bring out an album of RD’s songs in the voices of SP Balasubramaniam, Amit Kumar, Shailendra Singh and Danny Denzongpa. The album was never made but the songs were later used in T-Series produced films.

Here is the song from Aaja Meri Jaan that was never creditted to RD.

In 1987 RD tweaked the the same original tune of Tumi Koto .. to create “Tune Kiya Kya Jaadu” sung by himself for Ramesh Behl’s “Apne Apne”. The opening bars are similar with variations in the Mukhda and new M1/M2 music. The tune of the Antara is similar to the harmony of Saagar.


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